Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

A plane full of teenage beauty queens crashes on a desert island. Beauty Queenspresents a satiric view of our consumerist society

This is by far the best young adult book I have read all year. Beauty Queens presents us with a satire of our current consumption-driven lives. Libba Bray has created an absolutely hilarious story with completely endearing characters. One of these is a parody of Sara Palin named Ladybird Hope, who evidently does not fit under the “endearing” category. Beauty Queens also speaks to Bray’s versatility as an author; before this, she wrote the Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy, a trio of historical fantasies, and the Printz-Award- winning Going Bovine.

I also admire the way Bray dealt with some other contemporary issues such as sexuality and racism. This book is like Lost and America’s Next Top Model combined, making it a fast-paced romp through the jungle you’re sure to enjoy.

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